Month: July 2022

What We Can Do To Brighten Dull Teeth

Until you do something about the problem, dental discoloration can rob you of confidence in the way you look. Many people feel that their smile no longer looks as attractive as it once did because they have picked up significant stains. When this occurs, or when intrinsic discoloration dulls teeth, know that your Omaha, NE… Read more »

How Veneers Hide Distracting Smile Flaws

There are different reasons why some people try to keep their smiles hidden. Whether they have many significant cosmetic concerns or a single seemingly small issue, any flaw that affects a tooth can draw unwanted attention and lead to embarrassment. The good news is that you can do something about this while minimizing the overall… Read more »

How Will Tooth Bonding Improve My Smile?

There are different reasons why people sometimes hesitate before showing off their smile, or why they might try to keep their teeth hidden in pictures. For some, a relatively minor but conspicuous issue can be at the root of their discomfort with how they look. While it can be frustrating to have even one flaw… Read more »

Is My Teeth Grinding Habit Hurting My Smile?

There are different actions that can have a negative effect on your smile. Poor diet decisions, skipping routine oral health checkups, and inconsistency in your hygiene routine are all potential sources of trouble. You also need to watch out for problems that can occur when you unconsciously grind and clench your teeth at night. Bruxism,… Read more »