Month: November 2016

Do You Have Dental Benefits That Need to Be Used?

Now that Thanksgiving is over, and the Christmas season is quickly approaching, you may already be looking forward to the start of a new year. Before January arrives though, have you considered that you might have dental care or general healthcare benefits that could expire soon? Many people invest in health savings account, and similar… Read more »

Need a Dental Prostheses? Which Is Right for You?

Do you have an extraction scheduled soon? Or, have you lost a tooth recently? An incomplete smile can cause a great deal of insecurity. Unfortunately, even a single lost tooth can also make life more complicated. From negatively affecting one’s ability to chew comfortably and confidently, to potentially impacting the alignment of remaining teeth, the… Read more »

Does Your Smile Need a Dental Checkup This Winter?

You likely already know about the importance of regular dental care, including professional checkups and cleanings. That said, have you considered making an appointment for your next visit before the end of 2016? While the holiday season can be incredibly busy, in many cases it is actually a great time to schedule dental appointments, particularly… Read more »

Could You Eat Your Way to Better Oral Health?

Have you committed to taking better care of your smile, this year? After all, it is one of your most important physical attributes! If so, you may have already added flossing to your daily routine, and visited the dentist for an overdue preventive cleaning. These are great steps in protecting one’s smile against threats like… Read more »

Does Your Smile Need a Cosmetic Update?

Have you grown embarrassed by the look of your smile? In fact, are you worried about the upcoming holiday season, because you know your smile isn’t ready for the real-live face time you will soon be sharing with those you love, much less the selfies that will be posted all over social media? If so,… Read more »