Month: May 2022

How Clear Aligners Address Smile Flaws

Your smile can be a source of pride, but it can also be a cause for discomfort if you worry about the way certain flaws affect how it looks. At our Omaha, NE dentist’s office, we can provide different solutions to problems with your appearance, as we offer a range of cosmetic services. One of… Read more »

What Does Teeth Whitening Treatment Involve?

As you accumulate stains on your enamel, it can become increasingly difficult to feel comfortable with your smile. The discoloration that you observe can make you unhappy with your smile, as it can seem to age you and present you as less healthy than you are. What can be particularly frustrating is how you are… Read more »

Can A Root Canal Treat A Painful Cavity?

Is a cavity always going to cause you to feel pain? You may have a small amount of decay that needs to be addressed without realizing it; fortunately, this kind of problem can be caught and treated during a dental exam. At times when cavities do become painful, it can be an issue to take… Read more »

How Dental Implants Hold Restorations In Place

Few problems cause the mix of embarrassment and concern you can associate with tooth loss. The problem is one that significantly alters your appearance, and it can also have a negative impact on your bite function. Over time, you can experience new concerns that gradually grow more serious. This includes the problem of jawbone deterioration,… Read more »