Month: January 2022

TMJ Disorder And Your Dental Health

Is it becoming tougher to bite and chew without feeling resistance from stiffness or discomfort? Are you dealing with headaches on a more frequent basis, or experiencing the unwelcome effects of teeth grinding and clenching? These are issues that point to a concern over TMJ disorder, something that can seriously affect your quality of life… Read more »

Veneers Can Provide Fantastic Smile Changes

Are you eager to make changes to your smile? Many people can point to at least one change they would like to make to the way their teeth look. However, they can hold back on seeking cosmetic work because they do not know what to expect from it. You may worry that the right changes… Read more »

Using Technology To Produce Same-Day Crowns

How long will it take your dentist to take care of a problem with your tooth? Oral health issues can cause serious harm to your enamel, which can make it necessary for you to receive more than just a dental filling. At other locations, problems that call for the placement of dental crowns will require… Read more »

Placing A Lifelike Dental Filling

What makes problems with tooth decay so frustrating? There are many reasons why you should take care to avoid cavities. One is that even if the problem is caught early, it will leave you with permanent damage to your enamel. To address that harm, you will need to have a restoration put in place to… Read more »