Month: June 2018

Can A Root Canal Save My Infected Tooth?

A dental infection or abscess can arise for a number of different reasons, from untreated decay to cracked teeth. Without treatment, you run the risk of losing your tooth altogether. However, a root canal can often help save your infected tooth!

Does My Tooth Need A Filling?

When your tooth develops a cavity, the health and stability of your smile is at risk. What may seem minor can soon lead to serious complications. When does a tooth need a filling and what does placing one involve?

How Do You Create A Crown In One Visit?

Did you know that we can create a custom-made dental crown in a single visit? You no longer have to worry about multiple visits and time off from work to address issues with your smile. Instead, we can use CAD/CAM technology to offer a custom solution in one sitting!

What Happens If I Crack A Tooth?

When a tooth becomes damaged, then repair is needed to avoid further complications, such as cavities, discomfort, or eventually, even a dental infection. If you crack a tooth, then we can use restorations to repair the damage and protect your smile.