Month: February 2017

Want a Beautiful and Bright Smile?

Does the start of spring have you thinking about a makeover? If so, don’t head to the mall or the salon. Hairstyles and handbags go in and out of style, but there is one accessory that is always in season and stylish, and that’s a gorgeous smile! There are a number of ways a cosmetic… Read more »

Need to Restore Your Smile? A Crown Could Help!

Are you worried that you may have developed a dental problem, like a cavity or even a tooth infection? Without proper preventive care, including regular dental cleanings, many people find themselves struggling with oral health issues, the most common of which are cavities and gum disease. Injuries and even chewing can also lead to dental… Read more »

Spring Cleaning for Your Dental Care Routine

Now that the sun is starting to show more of itself, and March is nearly here, you may officially have spring cleaning on the brain. After a long winter you might even be excited about giving the house some much needed attention and scrubbing. What about your smile, though? Before you head off on spring… Read more »

What Makes CEREC Technology So Special

While for some, dental treatments can seem mysterious and scary, continuous advances in dental technology have made treatments faster, more convenient, easier, and more comfortable. This is especially true for CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, or CEramic REConstruction) technology. CEREC dental technology has helped improve the dental crown procedure by leaps and bounds…. Read more »