Month: August 2019

Saving Your Smile By Removing Wisdom Teeth

Have you ever heard of wisdom teeth? Sometimes referred to a third molars, these teeth arrive in our late teens and early adulthood. For some, they may not pose a risk. But for many people, these teeth could mean the onset of misalignment, painful impaction, and other complications. In order to protect smiles in Omaha,… Read more »

Stopping Painful Infections With Root Canal Therapy

A dental infection means much more than just a toothache. Over time, an infected tooth could lead to the spread of infection or even the loss of the tooth completely. In order to preserve smiles in Omaha, NE, and prevent tooth loss, we may suggest a restorative treatment known as a root canal. When should… Read more »

Let’s Schedule A Back-To-School Checkup

In the next couple of weeks, children across the country will be returning to school. As parents, this means you’ll be struggling to find time to purchase supplies, register your little ones, and pick up new clothes. During this hectic time, we want to remind Omaha, NE, parents not to forget about their children’s smiles!… Read more »

Smile Repair With Lifelike Crowns

Crowns, whether full or partial, offer a durable and natural-looking means of repairing smiles and addressing oral health concerns. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at how we create and place a custom-made crown, and what benefits they offer for our Omaha, NE, patients. With proper care and maintenance, we can help you enjoy… Read more »