Month: July 2021

Experiencing Bite Troubles? Our Practice Can Help!

Enjoying a nice meal will be difficult when you have a persistent problem with bite pain. Jaw stiffness, discomfort, and sensitivity can make biting and chewing difficult when you have unresolved issues with TMJ disorder. You can find yourself struggling with facial pain, headaches, and neck and shoulder discomfort as well if this problem is… Read more »

What Should You Know About Clear Aligners?

You may feel ready to do something about poor smile alignment, but that does not mean you know what kind of treatment makes sense for you. For many people, the benefits provided by metal braces are less appealing because they worry about what life will be like with a conspicuous, fixed appliance. As an alternative,… Read more »

Effective Treatments For Smile Flaws

Smile flaws are not always related to oral health concerns. Your teeth, while healthy, may be affected by embarrassing discoloration, by visible wear and tear that ages them, or even by naturally occurring problems with their shape or size. Our Omaha, NE dentist’s office is here to support those who lack confidence in the way… Read more »

Dental Exams Can Lead To Timely Cavity Care

Is there time in your schedule for a dental checkup? If you have gone more than six months without one, you should make your next visit a priority. Among the many reasons to be consistent about preventive dentistry, it is important to remember that these appointments lead to timely warnings about dental decay. A cavity… Read more »