Month: April 2016

What Does My Toothache Mean?

It may be the most common dental symptom, but the fact that it’s common doesn’t make a toothache hurt any less, or cause less worry. Some instances may be mild and no more than a nuisance, while other instances can be severe enough to cause you to miss work or school because of the discomfort…. Read more »

Could You Do More to Care for Your Smile?

Most everyone wants to enjoy having a beautiful smile, but many people don’t realize that a great-looking smile starts with good oral health. Before you can reap the benefits of whitening treatment or even veneers, you first need to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy. Are you doing all you can to take care… Read more »

Are You Tired of Jaw Pain? Could Bruxism Be to Blame?

Do you frequently wake up with a headache, or pain throughout your jaw? You might think you simply need more sleep, but the problem could actually be related to a dental issue. Bruxism is the term used to describe the subconscious act of teeth grinding that often occurs as people sleep. It’s a habit that… Read more »

How We Discovered that Fluoride Is Good for Teeth

For decades, cities across the United States have treated their municipal water supplies with the mineral fluoride to help their citizens combat tooth decay. In fact, water fluoridation became official US policy in 1951. Although small levels of fluoride have been proven to assist in the prevention of cavities, its benefits to oral health took… Read more »