Month: February 2022

Smile Care That Includes Same-Day Crowns

When our Omaha, NE dental practice takes care of a patient’s smile by treating oral health trouble, we focus on preserving a tooth’s health and appearance while also providing long-term support. Thanks to the technology we use to produce in-office dental crowns, we can also make sure your services are made as convenient as possible!… Read more »

Smile Improvements Made By Clear Aligners

There are different reasons why people look into cosmetic dentistry. It might surprise you to learn that at our Omaha, NE dental practice, we can actually address problems with malocclusion—poor teeth spacing—if this is something that makes you self-conscious about how you look. By providing clear aligners for your adjustment, we can make it easier… Read more »

How Implant Dentistry Addresses Tooth Loss

Until you do something about tooth loss, you can feel embarrassed by your appearance, and you can have a harder time biting and chewing food without feeling discomfort. When you think about what your options are for prosthetic treatment, you may assume that the right service is only meant to address the impact of tooth… Read more »

Your Teeth Whitening Treatment Options

Before you give up and feel that you are just stuck with a dull, discolored smile, talk to your Omaha, NE dentist. While store bought whitening treatments can have limited impact, a professional cosmetic service can make your enamel many shades brighter! Our practice provides different approaches to teeth whitening, but whichever approach you choose… Read more »