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Three Things You Should Know About Bruxism

Do you often experience headaches or jaw pain in the mornings? Do your teeth feel more sensitive than they used to? If you are experiencing these symptoms or others, you may be grinding your teeth when you are unaware. This condition, known as bruxism, affects millions of people. Luckily, Pacific Hills Dental in Omaha, Nebraska,… Read more »

Start The New Year With An Oral Health Resolution!

start the new year off right omaha ne

If you have been putting off your appointments with the dentist, this is your opportunity to make a change. The start of 2024 is a great time to make your way back into the office, and you deserve to have a smile that is as bright and beautiful as your holidays. Before you head to… Read more »

Taking Action Against Bite Pain

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How often do you find yourself wincing in discomfort after taking a bite into a meal or snack? Bite discomfort can be a warning sign that you have an oral health issue in need of attention. At our Omaha, NE dental office, we provide treatments for the different reasons why dental functions become uncomfortable. If… Read more »

Do You Grind Your Teeth Overnight?

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If you wake up with discomfort and tightness in your jaw, it may be from overnight teeth grinding. This condition is known as bruxism and it is a prevalent condition for American sleepers. If you struggle with this unconscious activity, the health of your smile could be at risk. Bruxism can wear down the top… Read more »