Month: April 2017

You Can Enjoy A Discreet Smile Adjustment

Adjusting your smile does not have to involve the visibly intrusive placement of bracket and wire braces. Through Invisalign or ClearCorrect, you can enjoy a teeth straightening experience that is discreet, while still making the necessary corrections to your smile. Clear braces are made to fit over your teeth, with each subsequent aligner making more… Read more »

A Fully Restored Tooth In A Single Visit

Restoring a tooth that has suffered significant damage – from an injury, or from a cavity – can call for a dental crown. A dental crown offers major coverage of your tooth above your gum line, and the kind of stability needed to protect your tooth when you bite and chew food. With the right… Read more »

Can You Enjoy Your Smile Again with Cosmetic Treatment?

Are you tired of feeling insecure because of your smile? Tired of avoiding conversations with coworkers because you worry they’ll only stare at the visible inconsistencies in your teeth’s size and shape, gaps between them or even deep discoloration? Over time, many people begin to notice imperfections in their smile that can lead to insecurity…. Read more »

Protect Yourself Against Jaw Problems With A Dental Implant

Tooth loss can be accompanied by some unexpected surprises when it comes to your oral health. Some of those issues revolve around the effect even a single missing tooth can have on the way you bite and chew. The adjustments you have to make can be irritating, and the larger effect can cause you to… Read more »

Are You Feeding Your Kids Too Much Cavity-Causing Sugar?

As a parent, your job isn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination. You already have the difficult task of making sure your kids get to bed at a decent hour, so they can wake up each morning and brush their teeth before school. You might even try to feed them a healthy and hearty… Read more »