Month: October 2016

Could a Dental Implant Be What Your Smile Really Needs?

Have you felt embarrassed or even frustrated, since you lost a tooth? Adult tooth loss often elicits very different feelings than those experienced by children, when they first lose their baby teeth. Sadly, along with the many emotions experienced, adults often find themselves asking troubling questions, such as, “How will my smile function now that… Read more »

Is It Time to Restore Your Smile?

Are you worried about your smile, due to discomfort, discoloration, or other symptoms that you could be struggling from dental decay or other common problems? Or, have you grow embarrassed or even frustrated by an ill-fitting or simply unsightly dental restoration or prostheses? There are a number of potential causes for restorative treatment. Fortunately, there are… Read more »

3 Ways to Prolong Your Professional Teeth Whitening

Are you ecstatic about the great results of your professional teeth whitening treatment, yet concerned about how long the results will actually last? Did you know that there are simple steps you can take to help prolong the results of cosmetic treatment, especially teeth whitening? By making a few changes to your dietary habits, and… Read more »

How Can You Better Prevent Dental Cavities?

Do you worry that you will soon be facing yet another cavity? If you have struggled with dental cavities in the past, then you know what a discomfort and even annoyance they can present. Of course, treatment for cavities is often quite simple, particularly if the problem is detected and treated early. Tooth-colored dental filings… Read more »