Month: August 2017

How Dental Implants Sustain Your Jawbone After Tooth Loss

Dental implants offer several advantages for people who need to secure replacement teeth. You can feel more comfortable with the prosthetic, as it will be permanently secured. No healthy teeth will need to be modified in order to keep that restoration in place. You can also find it easier to bite, speak, and chew thanks… Read more »

Why You Need To Be Approved For Dental Implants

If you are looking into addressing tooth loss, dental implants offer important benefits that can greatly improve your prosthetic experience. However, before your dentist can recommend you receive implants, they need to perform an examination of your oral health. Why is this step necessary? Dental implants offer real value, but their placement requires oral surgery…. Read more »

The Cosmetic Value Of A Ceramic Dental Crown

Being able to protect a vulnerable tooth is important. Using a dental crown to cover up a problem tooth can allow you to bite and chew comfortably and naturally, and keep you safe from future problems with that tooth. When your dentist provides you with a ceramic crown, it becomes possible to offer restorative dental… Read more »

The First Step In Invisalign Treatment? Talk To Your Dentist

If you want to straighten your teeth, but feel uneasy about conspicuous braces, you may be excited to try Invisalign. However, before you can start treatment through this orthodontic care, your dentist will need to perform a preliminary examination. If you qualify, your dentist can move forward with designing your custom Invisalign treatment. Over the… Read more »