Month: May 2019

What Is A CEREC Restoration?

At one time, when you cracked or chipped a tooth, or developed a cavity or infection, treatment would take anywhere between two and three visits. You may have even needed to wear a temporary. However, we’re proud to offer our Omaha, NE, patients treatment that addresses common cosmetic and restorative issues in a single visit…. Read more »

Will Implant Dentures Help Your Smile?

When people think of dental implants, they often assume the procedure mainly addresses individual lost teeth. However, if you lose multiple teeth, or even a majority of them, we can use this unique treatment option to secure a fixed denture. How do implant dentures help smiles in Omaha, NE, and when should you talk to… Read more »

We Offer Cosmetic Solutions For Misalignment With Clear Aligners

Did you know that we offer our Omaha, NE, patients not one, but two different options for correcting uneven smiles without metal braces? Both Invisalign® and ClearCorrect™ help people enjoy straighter smiles with a series of custom aligners made from a clear plastic material. How do we create these cosmetic aligners, and who qualifies for… Read more »

Creating And Placing A Restoration In One Visit

For many years, hearing you needed a crown meant looking forward to two to three visits at a minimum. However, we understand how hectic our patients’ schedules can be, so we have an alternative that provides strong and dependable restorations in just one visit. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at how the CEREC… Read more »