Month: July 2016

Achieve a Great Smile with Porcelain Veneers

Do you ever look in the mirror, and find yourself longing for a different smile, or at least a better-looking one? If noticeable imperfections have long caused you to feel insecure when showing your teeth, you may have already considered cosmetic dentistry. What has stopped you in the past, though? Many people hesitate when considering… Read more »

What Do Your Kids’ Smiles Need?

Now that your kids are home for summer break, do you find yourself struggling to fill their time with healthy and educational activities? It’s easy to resort to trips to the ice cream store, when you are desperately trying to keep kids happy and busy. Many parents are also perplexed by how much more difficult… Read more »

What Does Your Smile Need to Be Restored?

Have you noticed sensitivity or even discomfort, lately, when trying to enjoy a meal or even a beverage? Were you recently involved in an accident that left one or several of your teeth chipped, cracked, or even missing? Did your last visit to the dentist involve the diagnosis of a cavity or even an infection?… Read more »

3 Tips for Keeping Your Smile Healthy This Summer

Are you worried about developing cavities this summer? Have you become scared that all those extra ice cream sundaes and sno cones are going to leave you with not-so-sweet repercussions? Your smile will face a lot of potential threats over the hot summer months. Fortunately, armed with some helpful tips from your preventive dentist, you… Read more »