How A Cleaning Protects Your Smile

dental cleaning

In our last blog, we explained how a checkup is great for smiles of all ages, from kids to adults. In today’s blog, we want to continue this theme and look at another essential procedure offered in the same visit: dental cleanings. A simple cleaning from your Omaha, NE, dentist is critical for protecting smiles of both kids and adults from issues like cavities and gum disease.


Is Visiting The Dentist Safe?

dental checkup

Many people have put off visiting our office out of concern for their safety. After all, movie theaters, restaurants, and other in-door areas are often recommended by experts to be avoided. But what about the dentist? Well, since your Omaha, NE, dentist has always followed strict health and safety protocols to keep the area clean, and we have undertaken new measures since the start of the pandemic, attending your checkups and cleanings are still a safe bet!