A Professional Approach To Your Teeth Whitening

Smiling Professional Omaha NEIf you have started to see that your smile is not as bright as it used to be, take this opportunity to talk with a trusted team of dental professionals. The accumulation of stains on your enamel can be annoying, as they might remain even with a dedicated approach to brushing and flossing. When you need to see an improvement to the appearance of your smile, the training and experience of a dentist can help you to keep your oral health in mind through the cosmetic process.

With our expert staff in Omaha, NE, you can achieve a brighter smile with professional teeth whitening. While there are many available over-the-counter options at your local supermarket, these products can be ineffective at removing your problem stains. This situation could lead you to repeat their use, which can lead to weakened enamel due to overbleaching. Instead, speak with a qualified dentist about your oral health needs in order to keep the strength of your smile at the forefront the entire time. We can help you to see results with two different forms of whitening!


Taking Action Against Bite Pain

woman with bite painHow often do you find yourself wincing in discomfort after taking a bite into a meal or snack? Bite discomfort can be a warning sign that you have an oral health issue in need of attention. At our Omaha, NE dental office, we provide treatments for the different reasons why dental functions become uncomfortable. If the pain is felt in your jaw, we can discuss TMJ treatment, which addresses imbalances between the joints to relieve tension and discomfort. For people with tooth pain, we can perform a review to determine if restorative work is needed. Remember that your regular dental exams include careful checks for the early warning signs of problems that cause discomfort, and they can actually lead to a problem being treated before you start to deal with pain! (more…)

A Discreet Alternative For Orthodontic Correction

closeup of clear aligners on smileWhen deciding to correct problems with the spacing of your teeth, knowing all of your available options helps you understand the benefits of each. When your teeth are misaligned, this condition contributes to oral health problems and can affect the quality of your smile, but some may find the idea of traditional braces rather invasive. Orthodontic treatment with clear aligners can mask the appearance of your appliance with its translucent look. This allows you to adjust the position of your teeth without calling attention to yourself during the correction period. Let others know about your new smile on your own terms with clear aligners from Pacific Hills Dental.

At your Omaha, NE dental practice, we can improve the cosmetic and functional quality of your smile with an orthodontic solution that is easy to use. The removability of clear aligners allows you to easily clean your teeth during the treatment period. Enjoy your meals without worrying about debris becoming stuck in your appliance. Ask your dentist how clear aligner treatment can benefit your grin!


Helping Your Child Develop A Healthy Smile

Woman and child Omaha NEIf you are a parent, then you understand the difficulties that can come alongside stressing the importance of dental health. Your little one simply does not have the life experience to understand the consequences of their actions, but their oral health maintenance has lasting effects. Dental habits start at an early age, so take the time to ensure that they stay on track with their brushing and flossing.

Speak with Pacific Hills Dental in Omaha, NE about the needs of your child during their semiannual checkup. Adults require these visits as well, so it might be helpful to schedule your appointment for the same time. This way, you can continue to be a positive health role model for your little one. At our office, we care for smiles of all ages, from their first visit through to adulthood, so schedule a time to bring your whole family in for helpful preventive care! (more…)

Dental Implants Provide Lasting Support

Dental Implant Older Woman Omaha NEAs you age, there are additional health concerns that you should take into account, and some of these center around your dental needs. Your bone density, for example, is something that changes after you reach the age of fifty. This change can become a liability in a few different ways, including the formation of pockets between the surrounding tissue and your teeth. Periodontitis is a concern among people of all ages, but the risk increases as you age.

At Pacific Hills Dental in Omaha, NE, we are here to help you navigate the chances in your health as you age. If you require an extraction of one or more of your existing natural teeth, we proudly offer biocompatible dental implants, so that you can retain your bite function. In addition to its benefits to the function of your mouth, an implanted prosthodontic solution can give you a gorgeous tooth replacement that appears as if it is a natural part of your smile. Speak with our team and see if you qualify for the placement of a new dental implant! (more…)

Veneers Can Give You An Outstanding Smile

woman with nice smileIf you want to make a strong first impression in social and professional contexts, a confident smile can certainly help. Unfortunately, many people have doubts about how their teeth look, and because of this, they are reluctant to share theirs. Even minor issues with discoloration, misshapen teeth, problems with spacing, or damage can attract considerable unwanted attention. If you find that something is holding you back from projecting a confident smile, know that our Omaha, NE dentist’s office can help. With durable, custom-made dental veneers, we can make you more excited to show off your smile by fixing any issues you have with the way you look in as little as two appointments! (more…)

Keep On Rocking With Your Dental Care

Skater Omaha NEThe maintenance of your smile is important for a variety of reasons. After all, you use your mouth throughout the day, and for more than just chewing. Your first impressions serve as a large part of your social and professional existences, so make the effort in continuing to have a gorgeous appearance. One of the most helpful ways of this is through your ongoing care.

Your regular visits to the dentist at Pacific Hills Dental in Omaha, NE are a necessary part of keeping your teeth safe from infection. In addition to your visual examination, you will receive a dedicated cleaning of your smile. The thorough removal of plaque and tartar can help you to feel better right after your appointment, and this process gives you the tools you need to improve your home care. Even with the appropriate amount of time spent in your brushing and flossing, you may struggle with appropriate technique. Learn about your blind spots at your cleaning and examination with our team! (more…)

Do You Grind Your Teeth Overnight?

Pain Jaw Omaha NEIf you wake up with discomfort and tightness in your jaw, it may be from overnight teeth grinding. This condition is known as bruxism and it is a prevalent condition for American sleepers. If you struggle with this unconscious activity, the health of your smile could be at risk. Bruxism can wear down the top of your teeth, eroding the surface material known as enamel. Your condition can also move your teeth out of alignment. Since grinding can often be repetitive, you could be left with severe damage in an otherwise healthy mouth.

An oral appliance from Pacific Hills Dental in Omaha, NE can give you a loft landing spot for your jaws overnight. This non-surgical approach aims to minimize the contact between your teeth during sleep. Without a barrier, your grinding could wear down your enamel and leave you with stubby, unattractive teeth. Speak with your provider and see how an overnight oral appliance can give you a better night of sleep and keep your enamel intact! (more…)

An Alignment Treatment That Gives You Freedom

Aligner Omaha, NEAn imbalanced smile can pose unnecessary problems. If you struggle with the placement of your teeth alongside your oral ridge, you could feel less confident in your abilities. This can keep you from fully expressing yourself at work or in your social life. Clear aligner treatment can help you to adjust your alignment without the need for bulky orthodontic procedures. Keep your improvement secret with these nearly invisible trays that gently shift your spacing and placement.

Pacific Hills Dental in Omaha, NE offers you an alignment solution to help both your appearance and your lasting health. Crowding of your teeth can create areas that are difficult for you to adequately clean. Clear aligners connect with more surface area than traditional orthodontic means. This approach then can help you achieve your goal with more comfort and speed. Discuss your options with your qualified dental health professional and start improving your smile! (more…)

A Way To Move Forward With A Root Canal

Farm Woman Omaha NEBacterial infection within one of your teeth can lead to a painful situation. When the nerve in a tooth becomes compromised by infection, this toothache is a sign of a serious issue. These microorganisms can wreak havoc within the safety of your natural enamel. While this tissue is normally a strength for our immunological health, damage can occur. Some common instances of enamel damage include cavities. Periodontal disease can also result as a result of poor oral health hygiene.

A root canal is the removal of the interior fleshy portion within the tooth. This removes the worrisome infection as well as the nerve and circulatory tissue. The connection between this location and the jaw are sealed to prevent reinfection or possible spread into the bone matter. After the root canal, you will require the placement of a dental crown to ensure the lasting stability of the location and keep your bite functional. Pacific Hills Dental in Omaha, NE is here to get your mouth back up to speed and help you chew with confidence! (more…)