Month: November 2015

Let Porcelain Veneers Create the Smile You Want

Cosmetic dental methods like professional teeth-whitening and dental bonding can help polish your teeth’s appearance after they’ve been marred by stains, discoloration, odd spaces, or minor chips/cracks. Yet, while these conservative procedures can offer hassle-free solutions to one or two minor cosmetic issues, you may require something more inclusive to restore your smile’s glory when… Read more »

How to Help Your Smile Survive the Holidays

The holidays are a wonderful chance to spend a bit more time with your favorite people and your favorite dishes. Who isn’t tempted to grab a second piece of Grandma’s favorite pecan pie while reminiscing with cousins about all your best childhood memories? But if you want to start this next year feeling and looking… Read more »

Do You Need a Dental Crown?

You may know that dental fillings are often used to treat cavities, but do you know what purposes dental crowns serve? Many people don’t realize that crowns can actually be used as part of a number of restorative and prosthetic treatments, from protecting fragile teeth to replacing missing ones. If you’ve recently suffered a particularly… Read more »

Feel Even Prettier with Cosmetic Dentistry

With all the things you do to feel beautiful, like having your hair done and keeping up with ever-changing fashion trends, how much time have you spent working to improve your smile? If it has been years since your smile received the kind of care you have given the rest of your looks, you could… Read more »