Month: March 2016

Can a Dentist Treat Jaw Pain?

There’s no end to tips and home remedies for curing a toothache (some effective, some not), and it’s common knowledge that a visit to your dentist is in order if you can’t relieve it. Yet, when your jaw hurts, you might not find as much information about why or how to alleviate it. Aside from… Read more »

Gear Up for Graduation with Cosmetic Dentistry

All your hard work and those all-nighters studying is finally paying off. You will soon be walking the stage to accept a diploma, and after that, it will be time to start a new adventure and a new chapter in life. But before you have your big moment, make sure you’re ready to put your… Read more »

Choose a Seamless Form of Smile Restoration

Are you worried you’re suffering from a cavity, but don’t want to get a gold filling? Do you have a root canal scheduled, and are nervous that your smile will never look the same? Dental problems can cause a lot of discomfort, both physically and emotionally. Fortunately, modern dentistry now offers more seamless restorative treatments… Read more »

Spring Forward with Cosmetic Bonding or Contouring

Do you have important events coming up later this spring or summer? It may feel like it’s too late to get your smile selfie-ready before you celebrate your best friend’s wedding, or proudly walk the stage for your college graduation. But thanks to cosmetic dental treatments, like cosmetic bonding and contouring, it’s actually possible to… Read more »

Clean Up Your Smile this Spring with Preventive Care

You may think of the spring as a time for cleaning house. And while your kitchen may need a deep scrub, your closets cleared of clutter, it could be that your smile is even more in need of a good spring cleaning. If it’s been more than six months since your last dental checkup, let… Read more »