Month: December 2017

Dental Crowns Offer A Way To Save Your Damaged Tooth

Serious dental damage can be painful, and upsetting. When an injury affects your tooth, you can worry about the effects on your health, but your concern can also center around the future of your smile. What if you have permanent dental damage that upsets your appearance? What happens if the tooth is lost? Dental crowns… Read more »

Will Your Prosthetic Make Biting And Chewing Easier?

When people imagine their life with a dental prosthetic, they may dwell more on the cosmetic advantages, and think less about the benefits for their oral health. Restoring your incomplete smile can also have a positive impact on normal tasks like biting, chewing, and speaking. Restored dental function can have several positive benefits. If you… Read more »

Should You Trust Invisalign To Fix Your Teen’s Smile?

If your child shows signs of poor dental alignment, your dentist can recommend a point where you should consider starting orthodontic treatment for them. Because this can take place during teen years, when kids are especially sensitive about their appearance, your child may be interested in Invisalign treatment, or treatment with ClearCorrect. Using these clear… Read more »

Receiving Dental Implant Support For Your Prosthetic

A dental prosthetic can give you back your smile, which will lead to you looking healthier and more attractive, and feeling more confident. The cosmetic benefits are enough to motivate many people to seek out replacement restorations for missing teeth, but there are additional benefits to consider. With dental implants to support them, your prosthetics… Read more »