Month: October 2017

Have Your Teeth Shifted After Earlier Orthodontic Work?

Many people who undergo orthodontic correction earlier in life can look forward to many years with an attractive, straightened smile. However, there are instances where a person might see their teeth shift back to their original, incorrect positions. If you are worried about how this shifting might have affected your smile, talk to your dentist… Read more »

A Dental Crown Can Provide Protection For A Damaged Tooth

If you tend to live an active lifestyle, an accident or injury could leave you with a damaged tooth. Of course, sometimes a particularly cautious person can have the misfortune of damaging a tooth simply by biting into something unexpectedly tough. If dental damage leaves visible damage, and impacts your ability to bite and chew,… Read more »

Why Tooth Loss Can Lead To Problems With Your Jaw

Obviously, tooth loss will create problems with your appearance. People who are missing teeth may smile less, and even change the way they speak in order to cover up absences. For many, this will be enough to justify taking action through the placement of a dental prosthetic. However, it would be wrong to assume that… Read more »

You Can Enjoy Orthodontic Improvements Without Metal Braces

Orthodontic improvements can lead to big smile changes, and benefits for your oral health. One reason patients who have issues with dental alignment will hesitate to undergo treatment is because they are concerned about having conspicuous metal braces placed. The brackets and wires used to correct smiles can be hard to ignore, and adults in… Read more »

Quiz: Restorative Care From A CEREC Dental Crown

How do CEREC dental crowns affect the restorative dental experience for patients? One big benefit to your dentist’s possession of this technology is convenience. Simply put, you will be able to have your permanent restoration placed on a problem tooth after just one visit! If you need treatment for a serious cavity, or if you… Read more »