Month: November 2021

Properly Managing TMJ Problems And Bruxism

When you develop a problem with uneven jaw movement or poor alignment of your joints, the discomfort you experience can affect you in several ways. This issue, TMJ disorder, is the reason why many people feel pain when they move their jaw, have more frequent headaches, and even the reason why many people develop a… Read more »

How Same-Day Crowns Protect Teeth

There are times when teeth need to be treated with more than just dental fillings. For patients who have severe cavities or physical injuries, our Omaha, NE dentist’s office can instead provide custom dental crowns capable of offering more support. Fortunately, we can make your experience with this kind of care surprisingly convenient, as we… Read more »

Can I Whiten My Smile Before The Holidays?

With the holidays approaching quickly, you may have several tasks that you hope to clear from your to-do list before you start attending gatherings. If that list includes treatment to take care of embarrassing teeth stains, you may have more time than you realize to see the results that you want. At our Omaha, NE… Read more »

Corrective Work With Invisalign Aligners

When you start treatment with Invisalign aligners, you can look forward to exciting changes to your smile. You can also find that there are oral health benefits to be gained from your corrective work. Treating problems with uneven teeth spacing can actually improve your bite function, and it can even make oral hygiene efforts easier… Read more »