Month: March 2017

Do Clear Aligners Offer Any Real Benefits?

Patients with malocclusion (tooth misalignment) who want to improve their smiles’ appearance may not always like the idea of wearing braces. For many, the cumbersome brackets and wires can sometimes seem just as embarrassing as crooked teeth. Fortunately, Invisalign® and ClearCorrect™ aligners can offer many patients a more discreet solution to straightening crooked teeth, allowing… Read more »

Is It Time to Consider a Dental Implant?

Is your favorite food based on what you can and can’t eat now that you’ve lost one or several teeth? If so, then the inability to enjoy the same foods you once did might be just one of many frustrations and concerns regarding tooth loss. In addition to inhibiting your nutrition, tooth loss of all degrees… Read more »

Should I Be Worried About my Gums?

When you think of your smile, do you immediately think of your teeth? Pearly whites are generally what people fixate on, when trying to achieve beautiful and healthy smiles. Yet the gums are just as important to maintaining a healthy and beautiful smile. Sadly, many people ignore potential warning signs of gingivitis, the first stage… Read more »

Are You Suffering from a Dental Cavity?

Have you been unable to enjoy meals or even snacks lately, because of dental sensitivity or discomfort? What about staining? Do your teeth look deeply discolored? You might be tempted to ignore changes in your smile, but these are actually warning signs of dental cavities, which would require restorative dentistry to effectively treat. The good… Read more »

Could Quitting Sodas Help Your Smile?

Do you ever wonder if sodas are really all that bad for your dental health? In a word, yes, sodas can be extremely problematic. The sugar in most sodas, as well as other sweetened beverages, can lead to damaging acidic erosion that can cause cavities and also gum disease. That said, even diet sodas can… Read more »