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Start The New Year With An Oral Health Resolution!

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If you have been putting off your appointments with the dentist, this is your opportunity to make a change. The start of 2024 is a great time to make your way back into the office, and you deserve to have a smile that is as bright and beautiful as your holidays. Before you head to… Read more »

Stay On Top Of Your Dentistry With A Checkup

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Has it been a while since the last time that you were in the dental office for a semiannual checkup? Most people require a visit for a cleaning and examination every six months, but some need an accelerated schedule of treatment due to certain genetic or environmental factors. These visits are vital to helping you… Read more »

Keep On Rocking With Your Dental Care

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The maintenance of your smile is important for a variety of reasons. After all, you use your mouth throughout the day, and for more than just chewing. Your first impressions serve as a large part of your social and professional existences, so make the effort in continuing to have a gorgeous appearance. One of the… Read more »

3 Tips To Help With Cavity Prevention

There is more to caring for your smile than just the prevention of cavities. After all, you also need to prioritize matters like maintaining healthy gums and enjoying a natural, comfortable bite movement. These and other problems can have real consequences for your oral health. That being said, cavities are a common issue, and the… Read more »

When Should I Schedule My Next Teeth Cleaning?

Has your next teeth cleaning already been scheduled? Unless you and your dentist have discussed smile care plans that involve something different, your routine appointments should occur on a semiannual basis. When you miss appointments and fall behind on preventive care, you face several risks, including the risk for tartar accumulation. At our Omaha, NE… Read more »

Recovering From TMJ Disorder

If you are already living with TMJ disorder, it can be hard to overlook just how often you experience problems with facial and jaw pain. It can also be concerning to experience an increase in headaches, and more problems with teeth grinding and clenching. The good news is that when you talk about your difficulties… Read more »

Support Provided At A Dental Checkup

Every time you attend a routine dental checkup, you receive support that can preserve your dental health as well as update you on it. Preventive dentistry provides support through regular cleanings in addition to reviews of your teeth, gums, and oral structures. These services combine to lower your risk for cavities, gum disease, and more,… Read more »

Address Bruxism Before It Hurts Your Smile

The time you spend not dealing with nightly teeth grinding and clenching can take a serious toll on your smile and oral health. The longer you wait to say something about this issue, the more likely it is that you will have problems like TMJ disorder, visible wear and tear on teeth, and even potential damages that… Read more »

TMJ Disorder And Your Dental Health

Is it becoming tougher to bite and chew without feeling resistance from stiffness or discomfort? Are you dealing with headaches on a more frequent basis, or experiencing the unwelcome effects of teeth grinding and clenching? These are issues that point to a concern over TMJ disorder, something that can seriously affect your quality of life… Read more »

Are You Staying Current With Dental Exams?

If you are asked about your oral hygiene routine, what smile care efforts would you include in your answer? Beyond brushing, flossing, and making careful diet decisions, you should protect your teeth by keeping a consistent schedule for routine dental exams and cleanings. By doing so, you can protect yourself against the kinds of oral… Read more »