Month: October 2021

How We Ensure A Cavity Is Fully Treated

In the event that you need cavity treatment, it can be reassuring to know that your Omaha, NE dentist is prepared to fully restore your smile. We can provide both dental fillings and dental crowns to make sure you have the right support. A filling is your more conservative treatment option, as it only affects… Read more »

The Cosmetic Impact Of Implant Dentistry

Once a person starts to lose teeth, they can lose confidence in their smile as well as their oral health. The good news is that the right approach to prosthetic dentistry can have a welcome effect on both. In other words, with the right prosthetic appliance put in place, you can feel better about your… Read more »

Should I Consider Tooth Bonding Treatment?

If you have negative feelings about your smile, you can find that the right cosmetic service can address them in less time, and with fewer changes, than you think possible. At our Omaha, NE dentist’s office, we offer different treatment options for those who want to improve the way they look. Cosmetic tooth bonding and… Read more »

Restoring Teeth With Same-Day CEREC Crowns

Through good daily habits and consistent routine appointments with your dentist, you can effectively control your risk for experiencing the kinds of problems that require restorative dental work. At our Omaha, NE dentist’s office, we provide important preventive services as well as treatments to address active oral health problems. In the event that you suffer… Read more »