Month: December 2016

Enjoy a Straighter Smile, But Skip the Braces

Did you spend your teen years feeling insecure about your misaligned teeth, and your twenties too embarrassed at the idea of being an adult in braces to do anything about it? What about now? Do you love the idea of finally addressing the imperfections in your teeth that have long caused you to want to… Read more »

Enjoy a Healthy Holiday with Dentist-Approved Treats!

Santa may soon be stopping by your house, but chances are you still have a few gifts to grab yourself. In your rush to stuff stockings and grab last-minute gifts, you might be tempted to reach for sugary treats like candies and chocolates. There are some compelling reasons to opt for preventive dentist-approved treats, instead,… Read more »

Want to Start 2017 with a Spectacular Smile? A Dental Implant Could Help

Have you spent several weeks, months, or even years, struggling with the insecurity that comes from having an incomplete smile? Missing teeth can cause a host of issues, both functional and cosmetic in nature. For instance, it can be difficult to chew comfortably and confidently when one or several teeth are missing. This can lead… Read more »

Do You Want a Whiter Smile This Christmas?

When you think about what you really want this holiday season, is a brighter and whiter smile at the top of your list? If so, why are you waiting to see what Santa brings you on Christmas morning, instead of calling your cosmetic dentist about how professional treatment could help you achieve a dazzling smile… Read more »