Month: June 2016

Could Cosmetic Dentistry Give You Something to Smile About?

Are you concerned about the way your smile looks? Do noticeable imperfections make you feel insecure about showing your teeth when talking with friends, or having your photo taken? Few physical traits have a faster or longer-lasting impact on the people you meet than your smile. So if you want to make sure yours is… Read more »

When A Tooth Extraction Makes Sense

The philosophy of modern dentistry is to maintain and retain as much of your natural healthy teeth, and tooth structure as possible in all cases. Therefore, minimally invasive procedures have been and are continuing to be developed with the goal to save your teeth and as much of your remaining healthy tooth structure when deciding… Read more »

How Drinking More Water Could Help Protect Your Smile

Have you been worried about the health of your smile? Perhaps you have struggled with numerous cavities in the past, or have noticed that your gums appear inflamed or sensitive lately. Most people want to do whatever it takes to keep their teeth and gums healthy. Yet many are not sure what exactly preventive care… Read more »

Help! I’ve Got a Dental Cavity!

No one wants to learn that he or she has developed a cavity, yet some studies indicate that as much as 90 percent of the country’s population will experience cavities. The dental decay that can lead to cavities can also create the need for extensive restorative treatment such as root canal therapy or even extractions,… Read more »

Shine Bright This Summer with Cosmetic Dentistry

Do you have exciting plans this summer? Whether you will soon be traveling to exotic lands to sip fruity drinks beachside, or simply have plans to test out your backyard barbecue grill as often as you can, don’t you want to be ready for the memory making with a smile that is both selfie and… Read more »