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Quiz: Your Orthodontic Experience With Invisalign

Modern updates in the field of orthodontic work have helped many patients make big smile corrections without conspicuous metal braces. You may have heard about Invisalign, but you may be unsure if you qualify for treatment with these appliances, or what the advantages might be. Many people focus on the cosmetic advantage – unlike metal… Read more »

Should You Trust Invisalign To Fix Your Teen’s Smile?

If your child shows signs of poor dental alignment, your dentist can recommend a point where you should consider starting orthodontic treatment for them. Because this can take place during teen years, when kids are especially sensitive about their appearance, your child may be interested in Invisalign treatment, or treatment with ClearCorrect. Using these clear… Read more »

Invisalign Provides Discreet Orthodontic Work

The prospect of being able to correct dental alignment issues without a conspicuous appliance can excite many patients. With Invisalign, you can look forward to the type of improvements you would hope to see with metal braces. The clear aligners you receive will be able to correct issues with spacing, as well as unattractive overlaps… Read more »

Have Your Teeth Shifted After Earlier Orthodontic Work?

Many people who undergo orthodontic correction earlier in life can look forward to many years with an attractive, straightened smile. However, there are instances where a person might see their teeth shift back to their original, incorrect positions. If you are worried about how this shifting might have affected your smile, talk to your dentist… Read more »

You Can Enjoy Orthodontic Improvements Without Metal Braces

Orthodontic improvements can lead to big smile changes, and benefits for your oral health. One reason patients who have issues with dental alignment will hesitate to undergo treatment is because they are concerned about having conspicuous metal braces placed. The brackets and wires used to correct smiles can be hard to ignore, and adults in… Read more »

Are Crooked Teeth The Source Of Your Jaw Problems?

If you find it hard to operate your jaw, or experience pain in your face, neck, and head, you could be experiencing issues with TMJ dysfunction. There are several potential reasons for this, but you should know that patients with crooked teeth are more likely to develop this condition. If the position of teeth compromise… Read more »

See How Much You Know About Invisalign With Our Quiz

If you have problems with the alignment of your teeth, you may be interested in what Invisalign can do for you. Unfortunately, some people let their uncertainty around a procedure keep them from moving forward with treatment. Others may simply believe they will not qualify, and do not take the time to find out. Learning… Read more »

The First Step In Invisalign Treatment? Talk To Your Dentist

If you want to straighten your teeth, but feel uneasy about conspicuous braces, you may be excited to try Invisalign. However, before you can start treatment through this orthodontic care, your dentist will need to perform a preliminary examination. If you qualify, your dentist can move forward with designing your custom Invisalign treatment. Over the… Read more »

What Will My Experience With Clear Braces Be Like?

You may be surprised to find that with clear braces from Invisalign or ClearCorrect, you can make changes to the alignment of your teeth without traditional braces. Many patients, particularly teens and adults, are relieved to know they can enjoy a correction without conspicuous brackets and wires on their teeth. That being said, you might… Read more »

Your Dentist Can Straighten Your Smile Using Clear Braces

You may imagine that there is only one way to make your crooked smile straight – through traditional bracket and wire braces. If you are interested in correcting the positions of teeth, but hoping to avoid this method of treatment, you can talk to your dentist about clear braces. Invisalign and ClearCorrect both offer a… Read more »