You Can Enjoy Orthodontic Improvements Without Metal Braces

Orthodontic improvements can lead to big smile changes, and benefits for your oral health. One reason patients who have issues with dental alignment will hesitate to undergo treatment is because they are concerned about having conspicuous metal braces placed. The brackets and wires used to correct smiles can be hard to ignore, and adults in particular can worry about how this will impact their appearance. What you should know is that clear aligners may enable you to make adjustments without compromising how you look. ClearCorrect and Invisalign aligners are made to be inconspicuous, and they also offer orthodontic appliances that can be removed when you need to eat, or clean your teeth.

Using Invisalign To Make Corrections To Your Dental Alignment

When you undergo care with Invisalign or ClearCorrect, your dentist’s first task will be to take impressions of your teeth. Those impressions will be used to design your custom aligners. The aligners are made of clear plastic, so it will be hard for people to notice that you have anything on your teeth. They can be removed by you, so you can take them off when you eat, or clean your teeth.

Crooked Teeth Can Impact More Than Just Your Appearance

When you leave misaligned teeth uncorrected, you can open yourself up to real oral health risks. You are more likely to need restorative dental care because of cavities and gum disease when you fail to fix alignment problems. You are also more likely to suffer problems with your jaw joints, as your crooked teeth may be creating trouble for your bite alignment.

Talk To Pacific Hills Dental About Making Orthodontic Improvements With Clear Braces

At Pacific Hills Dental, you can receive important orthodontic care through the use of clear braces. Invisalign and ClearCorrect can supply you with aligners that do not impact your appearance, while still making the necessary adjustments. To make an appointment for yourself, or to schedule one for a family member, call our Omaha, NE, dental office today at (402)330-2243. We proudly work with patients in Omaha, NE, and all surrounding areas, including Papillion, Elkhorn, La Vista, and Millard.