Invisalign Provides Discreet Orthodontic Work

The prospect of being able to correct dental alignment issues without a conspicuous appliance can excite many patients. With Invisalign, you can look forward to the type of improvements you would hope to see with metal braces. The clear aligners you receive will be able to correct issues with spacing, as well as unattractive overlaps between teeth. That being said, one reason patients can prefer Invisalign over traditional braces is that Invisalign will not impact their appearance. The clear aligners provided to you can be discreetly worn, so your smile is not altered over the course of your correction.

Undergoing Treatment Through Invisalign

Undergoing Invisalign treatment will involve the use of several clear plastic aligners. Each aligner will bring you a step closer to your straightened smile. While you will have some follow-up appointments with your dentist, to make sure your corrections are moving as scheduled, you will have fewer meetings than would be necessary with metal braces. Because Invisalign aligners can be removed when you eat, and when you clean your teeth, you can avoid any issues with your orthodontic appliance interfering with daily tasks.

Invisalign Is About More Than Just A Better Smile

After undergoing an orthodontic correction with Invisalign, you can see a remarkable change to your appearance. While this can certainly be exciting, you should know that there are other benefits to look forward to. When you correct your teeth, you can fix overlaps that have left you with an elevated cavity risk. Uneven teeth can also potentially raise your chances of developing gum disease. If your dental alignment issues have interfered with your bite, corrections can protect you against the development of painful TMJ issues.

Talk To Pacific Hills Dental About Invisalign

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