Should You Trust Invisalign To Fix Your Teen’s Smile?

If your child shows signs of poor dental alignment, your dentist can recommend a point where you should consider starting orthodontic treatment for them. Because this can take place during teen years, when kids are especially sensitive about their appearance, your child may be interested in Invisalign treatment, or treatment with ClearCorrect. Using these clear braces systems, and not metal braces, will mean that their appearance will be less impacted. In many cases, patients can see results from clear braces that match the kind of outcome you can expect from traditional braces. Clear braces can also be beneficial because patients can remove their aligners whenever they need to.

Discreet Aligners Are Popular With Teens And Adults

Clear braces can be a particularly popular option for teens, and for adults who are worried braces may make them seem less professional. They are designed to avoid drawing attention – once in place, they are difficult to notice. Of course, Invisalign and ClearCorrect can also make it easier to brush and floss, as patients are not forced to work around secure metal braces.

Gaining The Oral Health Benefits That Come With Straightened Teeth

Straight teeth provide more than just a more attractive smile (though they are certainly capable of benefiting a person’s appearance). When your teen has their teeth straightened, it can provide significant oral health benefits. Patients who have teeth that overlap can find it harder to fully clean their teeth, due to the way that awkward connection can make portions of teeth harder to reach. A person’s bite is also impacted by the position of their teeth. When an uneven bite goes without correction, it can lead to jaw problems, as well as issues with excess wear and tear on certain teeth.

Talk To Pacific Hills Dental About Correcting Your Teen’s Smile With Invisalign Or ClearCorrect

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