Enjoy a Straighter Smile, But Skip the Braces

Enjoy a Straighter smile, Just Skip the BracesDid you spend your teen years feeling insecure about your misaligned teeth, and your twenties too embarrassed at the idea of being an adult in braces to do anything about it? What about now? Do you love the idea of finally addressing the imperfections in your teeth that have long caused you to want to hide your smile, but fear spending years in cumbersome and noticeable metal braces? The good news is that clear braces, like Invisalign treatment, make it possible to address alignment problems without resorting to traditional orthodontia. That means you could actually feel confident while straightening your smile!

Enjoy The Many Benefits of Invisalign

There are a number of benefits to choosing Invisalign Treatment, or ClearCorrect, another orthodontia alternative that involves clear aligner trays. Some are far more obvious than others.

  • For instance, because the aligner trays are made only of BPA-free plastic, they are not easily noticeable. This allows for confidence even during treatment.
  • Another benefit is that many people find the plastic more comfortable than the metal involved in most traditional orthodontic treatments.
  • Because the trays can easily be swapped out, most patients enjoy fewer dental visits during treatment as well.
  • The trays can also be removed for mealtimes, allowing for increased comfort, and no fear of getting broccoli or popcorn stuck in your braces.
  • This feature also allows for better dental hygiene, since no portion of the tooth will be unreachable due to brackets or braces.
  • Most patients’ alignment issues can be addressed through Invisalign treatment, or ClearCorrect. Schedule a consultation with your dentist to determine if either could be right for you!