Do You Want a Whiter Smile This Christmas?

Teeth Whitening Can HelpWhen you think about what you really want this holiday season, is a brighter and whiter smile at the top of your list? If so, why are you waiting to see what Santa brings you on Christmas morning, instead of calling your cosmetic dentist about how professional treatment could help you achieve a dazzling smile this holiday season? From teeth whitening to veneers, there are a number of ways a dentist could help brighten your smile. And a brighter smile is certainly a gift that will keep on giving. 

Professional Teeth Whitening Could Be a Great Solution for Your Smile

All cosmetic dental treatments are designed to create visible enhancements, but professional teeth whitening is designed to be particularly quick and effective. It is also one of the most affordable ways to improve the smile’s appearance.

While there are dental care products available over-the-counter at many pharmacies, that claim to lighten teeth, very few of these products are able to lighten teeth by more than a few shades. Professional treatment, though, can help to lighten teeth by eight shades.

Veneers Offer a Treatment Option for Permanent Stains

If the dentist determines the source of the discoloration is intrinsic or permanent, there are still options to help lighten the teeth. Cosmetic veneers, for instance, are a great solution. They can hide permanent staining, but also inconsistencies in the size or shape of the teeth, and even minor gaps in the smile. Plus, since veneers are made of dental-grade porcelain, the results can be long-lasting as well as natural looking.