Want to Start 2017 with a Spectacular Smile? A Dental Implant Could Help

Enjoy a Great Smile with a Dental ImplantHave you spent several weeks, months, or even years, struggling with the insecurity that comes from having an incomplete smile? Missing teeth can cause a host of issues, both functional and cosmetic in nature. For instance, it can be difficult to chew comfortably and confidently when one or several teeth are missing. This can lead to problems struggling to get proper nutrition, and also embarrassment and frustration, particularly during meals. There are also obvious esthetic issues, when teeth near the front of the smile are noticeably missing. Fortunately, dental implants can help to restore and complete smiles in effective and long-lasting ways.

What Makes Dental Implants Unique and Effective?

Unlike other forms of prostheses, dental implants can be used to help replace both a missing tooth and its corresponding tooth root. This is extremely helpful in not only stabilizing a replacement tooth, but also in helping to supply nutrients to the jaw. Without this benefit, the jaw can shrink over time, leading to visible changes in the jaw’s structure and the overall appearance of the smile and face, as well.

For patients who have recently lost teeth, or those that are unhappy with their existing prostheses such as unsupported dentures, dental implants make a great option. Just be sure to speak with your dentist about what is required to first place the base of an implant.

Since implants do involve oral surgery, the mouth must be healthy enough to support he implant’s base. Time must then be given for the gums to heal. This process is called osseointegration and it is key to creating a sturdy and permanent base of the replacement tooth of choice.