Taking Action Against Bite Pain

woman with bite painHow often do you find yourself wincing in discomfort after taking a bite into a meal or snack? Bite discomfort can be a warning sign that you have an oral health issue in need of attention. At our Omaha, NE dental office, we provide treatments for the different reasons why dental functions become uncomfortable. If the pain is felt in your jaw, we can discuss TMJ treatment, which addresses imbalances between the joints to relieve tension and discomfort. For people with tooth pain, we can perform a review to determine if restorative work is needed. Remember that your regular dental exams include careful checks for the early warning signs of problems that cause discomfort, and they can actually lead to a problem being treated before you start to deal with pain!

Persistent Bite Pain Is Something To Address With Your Dentist

Any discomfort that suggests something is wrong with your oral health should be taken seriously. Dental problems that go untreated will worsen in time. This can mean more pain, and it can also mean you need more involved treatment to fully recover from the issue that you face. For example, unresolved TMJ disorder can cause you to suffer persistent headaches, and it can lead to worrying enamel damage from related teeth grinding problems. Ignoring a toothache means ignoring a potential infection within the tooth, something that can cause worsening harm until an extraction is your only treatment option!

Taking On Problems With Persistent Jaw Stiffness And Discomfort

If you have problems with poor joint alignment and movement, you can suffer from discomfort whenever you bite, chew, and speak. TMJ disorder can occur for different reasons; when it does, treatment to correct an imbalance in the jaw is available. With a custom oral appliance, we can help you regain better bite movement and enjoy relief from your pain. We can also look out for issues that might have made you vulnerable to this problem. If you are using an uneven bite movement because of teeth spacing issues or problems with a vulnerable or undersized tooth, we can recommend further care to prevent future TMJ difficulties.

Why You Should Be Worried About A Lingering Toothache

If you continue to feel pain in a tooth, it can be a warning that an infection has formed, something that our office can address. Root canal therapy deals with an infection in your pulp, the tooth’s central chamber. Removing infected tissues and bacteria will stop the condition from worsening and put a stop to the pain you have experienced!

Talk To Your Omaha, NE Dentist About Pain Felt When You Bite

Pain when you bite and chew should not be ignored. To learn how we can help when you suffer from this kind of discomfort, reach out to Pacific Hills Dental in Omaha, NE at (402) 330-2243.