Dental Implants Help You Renew Your Smile

Beard Omaha NEIf you have lost one or more of your existing teeth, take some time to meet with your dentist to learn about the advancements in tooth replacement technology. Through the field of prosthodontics, new procedures are available to give you a strong bite and keep you looking great. When you need a prosthetic replacement for your lost teeth, your dentist is here to help.

With our team of implant dentistry experts in Omaha, NE, you can improve your smile after loss with a gorgeous new biocompatible dental implant. Talk to your dentist about all of your options in positive repair and learn about the advantages of this approach. With a dental implant, a sturdy titanium rod is fitted within the bone tissue of your jaw, and through an amazing process known as osseointegration, your body accepts it as if it were part of your natural smile. This gives you a strong connection between your new prosthetic tooth and your bone, helping you to achieve a lasting smile restoration that you can trust!

When You Lose A Tooth, You Have Prosthodontic Tooth Replacement Possibilities

The loss of one or more of your natural teeth may feel like a letdown, but it is important to remember that there are options in replacing your natural material with a prosthetic solution. One of your options is the placement of a beautiful new dental implant, which operates a little differently than other forms of repair.

With this method, a threaded titanium rod is placed within the bone of your jaw, and this metal has a special property that makes it useful in these situations. With titanium, your body recognizes the implant post as if it were your own natural tissue, allowing you to grow snugly around the threads in the metal. This post becomes the foundation for your new tooth replacement solution!

Talk To Your Dentist About The Advantages Of A Dental Implant

The placement of a new biocompatible dental implant can be beneficial in a number of ways, so take some time to meet with your provider and discuss whether this is the right move for your smile. One of the advantages of an implant-centered approach is that if your prosthetic becomes damaged, your dentist can swap it out for a new replacement. In addition, implants can be helpful for those experiencing the loss of more than one tooth. Ask about solutions up to and including a full mouth of implant-retained dentures!

Dental Implant Restoration With Pacific Hills in Omaha, NE

When you lose a tooth, it does not have to be the end of the story. To learn more about dental implants, schedule a consultation with our team by calling Pacific Hills Dental in Omaha, NE at (402)330-2243!