Taking On Smile Asymmetry

The symmetry of your smile is important to its overall quality. Even if you are not conscious of why, a person whose smile is uneven can stand out, and not for positive reasons, making it seem less attractive overall. Unfortunately, it is easy to lose this quality. Changes from wear and tear or a dental injury can make your smile look asymmetrical. Another concern is that natural issues with tooth shape and size, or with the alignment of teeth, can throw off how you look. Fortunately, your Omaha, NE dentist can help with this matter. Through the right cosmetic dental work, you can have your smile improved and show off a more uniform and attractive appearance!

Are You Self-Conscious Because Your Smile Is Uneven?

It only takes one small issue to rob your smile of a symmetrical appearance. A chip or crack, a naturally occurring problem with a tooth’s shape or size, or even an issue with your alignment can undermine how you look. The good news is that a “minor” issue is one that can be fixed with conservative cosmetic care. Because we can minimize overall changes to your tooth structure while still improving the way you look, we can make treatment feel more accessible. Because there are several approaches that have the potential to help, we can break down what your options are and the advantages of choosing between different services.

Using Cosmetic Dentistry To Target The Cause Of Your Smile Asymmetry

We will recommend treatment to restore your asymmetrical smile based on what issues affect you and what your concerns are when it comes to care. Through dental bonding and contouring work, we can make improvements in a surprisingly short time. In just one appointment, you can see your smile change dramatically without the need to place a permanent restoration. With that said, porcelain veneers are conservative restorations that we can use to take care of problems with your appearance that offer greater durability. They are placed in the course of just two appointments. At your first visit, we will provide preparatory work and make sure we have the measurements needed to provide the right corrective care. If your asymmetry is attributed to a problem with teeth spacing, we can recommend that you start treatment with clear aligners. While this takes more time, it can permanently change your appearance for the better while avoiding the need to alter your tooth structure.

Talk To Your Omaha, NE Dentist About Treatment For An Asymmetrical Smile

If you have concerns about your smile because it lacks a symmetrical appearance, you should know that our office can help. Through the appropriate cosmetic care, we can renew your confidence in your appearance. For more information, please contact your Omaha, NE, dentist, Dr. Pietrok, by calling (402) 330-2243.