Improve Your Smile With Clear Aligners!

Brushing, flossing, and smart dieting will help you avoid oral health trouble. These habits can lower your risks for tooth decay and gum disease, and keep your enamel healthy enough to stay in good condition overall through the years. However, one issue that you cannot fight with good hygiene is malocclusion. If you have problems with teeth that look poorly spaced, it can be hard to feel truly confident in your smile. Fortunately, your Omaha, NE dentist can help. With clear aligners, we can make the process of straightening your teeth easier, and we can keep your adjustment discreet.

Malocclusion Can Make You Self-Conscious About Your Appearance

Malocclusion is a problem with the spacing and general alignment of teeth. For some, it can create problems because noticeable gaps draw unwanted attention. For others, it can cause embarrassing crowding that makes you self-conscious about how uneven or awkward your smile looks. Fortunately, these issues can often be addressed without metal braces. Instead, you can rely on clear appliances to gradually move teeth into more appropriate alignment. In addition to being difficult to see, these aligners are easy enough to remove to ensure you can simply take them out when you need to eat or clean your teeth.

Beginning Treatment With Clear Aligners

You will begin treatment with Invisalign or ClearCorrect after you receive your custom-made aligners. Before this occurs, your dentist will take detailed measurements of your bite, which can tell us what size your appliances should be as well as what kind of movement we should encourage. To stay on track with your treatment end date, make sure your aligners are consistently in place each day. You can remove them to eat, or when you need to clean your teeth, but you should try to have them in position for as long as possible around these times. At recommended times, you will make the move from one appliance to the next to encourage the continuous movement of your teeth.

What Else Can You Do To Hide Smile Gaps Or Overlaps That Affect The Way You Look?

Some problems with malocclusion can be addressed with cosmetic dental work that restores teeth rather than moves them. For those who qualify, we can actually use porcelain veneers to cover up spacing flaws that might attract undesired attention. Because this treatment approach can be completed in as little as two visits, this can deliver the changes you want in less time than you might think possible.

Talk To Pacific Hills Dental About Starting Treatment With Clear Aligners

Treatment with Invisalign or ClearCorrect aligners can deliver stunning smile improvements while making orthodontic work surprisingly accessible. If you want to find out more about how we can help you take on malocclusion, then contact your Omaha, NE, dentist, Dr. Pietrok, by calling (402)330-2243.