The Benefits of Receiving Lifelike Implants

Periimplantitis with visible bone reduction. Medically accurate 3D illustration of dental implants conceptWhen you visit your dentist regularly, you are informed of the health of your smile as well as the progression of any major concerns, such as disease, decay and more. As a last effort, some diseased teeth may be extracted in order to preserve the integrity of your smile, however, it is important to know that your journey does not stop there. In fact, once a tooth is gone, the gap left behind can cause a myriad of problems later down the line that can once again bring your oral health into question. Fortunately, your Omaha, NE dentist at Pacific Hills Dental can help you achieve a healthy smile once more through the use of dental implants.

Increased Functionality

Every tooth is comprised of two main parts: the portion known as the crown or top which is visible, and the portion that is embedded below our gum lines in our jaw known as the root. The root acts as an anchor that securely holds an oral structure in place, while also allowing it to withstand typical bite pressure so that we may properly chew and bite. When this structure is missing, however, it can cause difficulties in function and result in an uneven bite as you have to readjust to accommodate for the missing structure. If left unmanaged, this can result in difficulties opening the mouth, biting, chewing and eating, and even enunciation.

When you receive a dental implant and restoration, your dentist will place a titanium post in the area of the missing structure. This post acts as an artificial root, creating a tight bond with the jaw once the bone heals around it and allowing you to resume ordinary functions as it can absorb standard bite pressure. To learn more about the functional benefits of implants, contact our office today.

Less Risk of Infection

In addition to the functional benefits of the restorative process, a dental implant will afford you a lower chance of infection. When a tooth is lost to severe decay and infection, oftentimes the best solution is an extraction or removal if it has not fallen out on its own already. While it may seem that the concerns stop here, it is simply not the case as harmful bacteria can continue to spread and grow and, inevitably, infect other surrounding structures. Once a tooth is lost to infection and the space is left unattended, your chances of further infection actually rise dramatically. Once the area is cleaned an artificial structure is placed, however, your chances of further infection decrease and your smile is once again complete.

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