Quiz: Restorative Care From A CEREC Dental Crown

How do CEREC dental crowns affect the restorative dental experience for patients? One big benefit to your dentist’s possession of this technology is convenience. Simply put, you will be able to have your permanent restoration placed on a problem tooth after just one visit! If you need treatment for a serious cavity, or if you come in with an injured tooth, you can have the permanent protection needed in less time. CEREC crowns are also popular for their appearance. Because they are made with life-like dental ceramic, the crowns produced with this technology will look like natural teeth.


True Or False: CEREC technology makes it possible to receive your crown over the course of a single dental appointment.

True Or False: Your CEREC crown can be made of ceramic, which means it will look enough like a natural tooth to satisfy any worries you have about your restoration hurting how you look.

True Or False: CEREC crowns have to be replaced after six months.


True! CEREC technology places everything needed to construct your crown in your dentist’s office. Every necessary step – the taking of measurements, the design of your crown, and its construction – can all be taken care of in one visit.

True! In addition to being more convenient for patients, CEREC crowns are also made to look like natural teeth. This helps you avoid any issues with your restoration negatively impacting how you look.

False! CEREC technology can produce a permanent dental crown. This means you will have important dental support that can last for many years.

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