Do Clear Aligners Offer Any Real Benefits?

Patients with malocclusion (tooth misalignment) who want to improve their smiles’ appearance may not always like the idea of wearing braces. For many, the cumbersome brackets and wires can sometimes seem just as embarrassing as crooked teeth. Fortunately, Invisalign® and ClearCorrect™ aligners can offer many patients a more discreet solution to straightening crooked teeth, allowing you to enjoy a more attractive and healthier smile without having to deal with conventional braces. If you want a straighter smile, then speak with your dentist about the real benefits of clear aligners compared to more traditional orthodontic braces.

They really are virtually invisible

The idea of invisible orthodontic treatment can seem too good to be true, but the truth is that modern clear aligners really are virtually undetectable, even up close. The aligners are crafted from clear, biocompatible acrylic, and custom-designed for a natural fit. They’re made to sit comfortably and precisely over your teeth, and to remain incognito while in place.

They really are more convenient than braces

Appearance is a major benefit to clear aligners, but they’re even more advantageous for their convenience. For instance, clear aligners do not have jagged edges or wires that can scrape uncomfortably against soft oral tissues. They’re also temporarily removable so you can eat your favorite foods and keep up with good hygiene easier and more effectively.

They really do offer amazing results

The most beneficial aspect of clear aligners is that they offer amazing results! Invisalign® and ClearCorrect™ systems follow the proven methods of orthodontic tooth movement, gradually shifting teeth into symmetrical positions. However, instead of relying on brackets and wires, the clear aligners are designed to continuously guide your teeth through their paths of movement as you progress through the series of aligners.

See if You Can Benefit from Clear Aligners

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