Is It Time to Consider a Dental Implant?

Is It Time to Consider a Dental Implant?Is your favorite food based on what you can and can’t eat now that you’ve lost one or several teeth? If so, then the inability to enjoy the same foods you once did might be just one of many frustrations and concerns regarding tooth loss. In addition to inhibiting your nutrition, tooth loss of all degrees can also diminish your confidence in your appearance, as well as have a long-lasting negative impact on your oral health, jawbone, and facial structures. If you’re ready to rebuild your smile following tooth loss, then it may be time to consider how dental implants can offer the most comprehensive and lifelike solution. 

How Can Implants Benefit You?

The good thing about modern dentistry is that you often have several options to address your concerns. For instance, if you’ve lost one or a few teeth, then a dental bridge can be custom-designed to close the gap in your smile. If you’ve lost several, most, or all of your teeth, then a partial or full denture might be a better option. While modern dental prosthetics offer highly realistic, durable, and effective results, they lack the ability to replace the roots that supported your teeth and helped keep your jawbone healthy.

With the support of an appropriate number of dental implants, which are biocompatible posts that are inserted into the jawbone, a dental crown, partial, or complete denture can do more for your long-term oral health. The prosthetic posts act as replacements for lost teeth roots and offer unmatched support for your restoration, eliminating inconveniences like denture slippage. The implant posts also help presere the health and integrity of the jawbone by reestablishing stimulation every time you bite and chew. Like natural teeth roots, dental implants invite a healthy supply of nutrients to the jawbone, preventing the jawbone degradation that often follows tooth loss.

If You’re Considering Dental Implants

If you’ve suffered tooth loss, then consider speaking with your dentist about the many benefits of a dental implant-supported restoration. To schedule a consultation, call Pacific Hills Dental in Omaha, NE, today at (402) 330-2243.