Could Quitting Sodas Help Your Smile?

Could Quitting Sodas Help Your Smile?Do you ever wonder if sodas are really all that bad for your dental health? In a word, yes, sodas can be extremely problematic. The sugar in most sodas, as well as other sweetened beverages, can lead to damaging acidic erosion that can cause cavities and also gum disease. That said, even diet sodas can actually be bad for one’s smile, and that is because of their high level of acidity. Some teas, coffees, wines and juices can also be damaging to the smile, since they tend to be filled with sugar and are naturally acidic. Fortunately, there are several ways you can help protect your smile and prevent dental problems, including cavities.

Why Is Drinking Sugar So Bad for Dental Health?

Sugar is incredibly dangerous for the smile because the plaque bacteria naturally present in the mouth feed upon it. The more sugar you are drinking on a regular basis, the more time those bacteria get to continue multiplying, and also calcifying onto the surface of the teeth.

How Can You Protect Your Teeth?

While water is always the healthiest drink choice, there are ways you can help to mitigate the negative effects of sugary drinks, if you just can’t quit them altogether. Just make sure you’re drinking sweetened and acidic beverages in moderation, if you really want to protect your pearly whites!

  • Drinking through a straw can help to limit how much of the smile is exposed to the acidic beverage. This is not advised for hot drinks, however.
  • Following a soda or other sweet drink with water, tooth brushing, or a piece of sugar-free gum can help to gently clean the teeth.
  • Even saving sodas for mealtimes can help, since the act of chewing helps the body produce saliva, a natural defense against plaque buildup.
  • Keep in mind that daily hygiene is also important, regardless of your diet. Professional checkups and cleanings are also essential to maintaining oral health.