Is It Time to Restore Your Smile?

Smile Confidently with Seamless REstorationsAre you worried about your smile, due to discomfort, discoloration, or other symptoms that you could be struggling from dental decay or other common problems? Or, have you grow embarrassed or even frustrated by an ill-fitting or simply unsightly dental restoration or prostheses? There are a number of potential causes for restorative treatment. Fortunately, there are now many seamless options that can help to improve one’s oral health, while also updating and enhancing the appearance of the smile.

Are You Experiencing Symptoms of a Dental Problem?

One important thing to remember is that teeth are unique, in that they are strong, but they cannot repair themselves the way that some parts of the human body can, like the skin, for instance. Because of this, if a dental problem exists, it is important to seek treatment promptly, lest it become worse with wear and time.

Sensitivity and discomfort are common early warning signs of dental problems, but even discoloration can be a symptom of a cavity. White patches, and grey or black lines can both indicate that the enamel has been damaged.

Do You Need to Update an Outdated Restoration?

For patients with existing fillings or crowns, who have either become unhappy with the look or feel of these restorations, it is wise to speak with a restorative dentist about the more modern alternatives to traditional metal amalgam fillings or metal crowns.

Tooth-colored fillings made of composite resin are one example. Porcelain crowns are another comfortable and seamless form of restoration.