3 Ways to Prolong Your Professional Teeth Whitening

Can You Prolong Your Professional Teeth WhiteningAre you ecstatic about the great results of your professional teeth whitening treatment, yet concerned about how long the results will actually last? Did you know that there are simple steps you can take to help prolong the results of cosmetic treatment, especially teeth whitening? By making a few changes to your dietary habits, and daily routine, you could likely extend the brightness of your newly enhanced pearly whites, leading to ongoing confidence when showing off your smile!

1.    Avoid staining beverages, or drink them with a straw.

A simple way to help avoid staining, is by limiting how many staining foods and especially drinks you consume on a daily basis. The drinks can be particularly problematic for teeth, because they stay in contact with the teeth longer than most foods.

2.    Drink water after other beverages, or better yet, brush your teeth.

Another easy way to help protect your smile from staining, and other dental problems as well, is to drink more water. Water is actually a natural defense against plaque buildup, because it helps the body to produce saliva, which limits plaque’s ability to stick to the surface of the teeth, where it can lead to cavity development and contribute to gum disease as well!

3.    Attend routine dental checkups and cleanings.

Finally, it is a good idea to attend routine dental checkups and cleanings, both to protect your smile against dental problems like cavities, but also in order to remove any unsightly (often yellow) plaque buildup that is present.