How Veneers Can Enhance Your Appearance

Pacific Hills in Omaha, NE, offers veneers There are many ways you can improve the look of your smile. Discolored or stained teeth can be fixed with the help of professional whitening. Or cosmetic bonding can be done to hide minor blemishes. However, if you have several imperfections you would like to change throughout your smile, you may be looking for a way to fix these all at once. Pacific Hills Dental in Omaha, NE, offers porcelain veneers that can help transform your appearance.

Deciding Between Your Cosmetic Treatments

As mentioned above, there are many cosmetic options available that can help enhance your appearance. The one you choose will depend on your personal needs and smile goals. One popular option is professional teeth whitening, which can help remove stains on the surface of your teeth safely. Another option is bonding, which uses composite resin to disguise the look of blemishes on your pearly whites.

If you have several blemishes that you would like to improve the appearance of, porcelain veneers may be the most helpful option for your needs. This can help correct the color, shape, or size of each of your teeth. This option can also last for several years without the need for touch-ups, as whitening treatments may be needed.

Getting Started With Porcelain Veneers

Before starting this cosmetic option, you will need a consultation with your dentist. You must have healthy gums and teeth before having porcelain shells placed. Your dentist will examine your oral cavity to ensure that this will be a viable option. Then, they will take an impression of your smile and these measurements will be sent to a lab to create the custom shells that will be placed on your teeth. Your consultation will also be used to discuss the goals you want for your appearance.

When the shells are ready, your dentist will check them to ensure they fit properly. If any adjustments are necessary, this is when they will be made. Your teeth may need to be reshaped before having them cemented in place. After this step, they can be bonded in place.

Maintaining Your Veneers

Your veneers will be made of porcelain, which is a highly durable material that also mimics the natural appearance of your smile. These can last for several years with proper care. After this cosmetic treatment has been done, you will still need to continue taking care of your smile at home. Your dentist can show you how to properly brush and floss without harming the shells. You should be able to eat and drink as usual, though you may want to be careful with harder foods. Lastly, continue seeing your dentist regularly for checkups.

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