Give Yourself The Gift Of A Brighter Smile

a brighter smile omaha neOver time, the things that you love to eat and drink can leave lasting reminders on the surface of your teeth, and when these take hold in your enamel, they can be really difficult to remove on your own. If you struggle with the quality of your smile, talk to your dentist about your needs, including achieving a brighter smile. You might be surprised at all of the ways that you can improve your look with positive dentistry, and one of the most dramatic options is cosmetic teeth whitening.

With our team of cosmetic dentistry leaders in Omaha, NE, you have the opportunity to lift those stains from your smile with professional teeth whitening. By working alongside a trusted dentist, you can be sure that you are taking the right precautions in your cosmetic process, as the misuse of over-the-counter options can lead to dentin sensitivity if you are not careful. Learn more about cosmetic teeth whitening with a call to our team!

A Holiday Dental Checkup Can Be A Great Way To Start 2024

Has it been a while since the last time you were at the dentist? If so, use the holidays as your way to renew your focus on your oral health. Most people need to see the dentist every six months, and some could use a little extra help. Always stick to the treatment plan that your provider gives to you, as it has been crafted specifically for your smile.

While you are at the office, talk to our team about all of the things that you would like to improve about your smile. This is your chance to ask your questions, and we are here to help you to have a happy and healthy set of teeth!

Reach A More Beautiful Smile With Professional Teeth Whitening

While you are preparing for your trip to see your friends and family this holiday season, you might be unhappy with the brightness of your smile. If so, be sure to tell your dentist at your appointment, as we have ways to safely remove those stubborn enamel stains. Our office can help you through a convenient at-home solution that you can use alongside your daily oral health routine. We can also help you to whiten your teeth in one simple step with an appointment in the office. Every smile is different, so talk to us about your needs!

Talk To Pacific Hills Dental About Achieving A Brighter Smile!

If you are noticing that your teeth are not as bright as they once were, ask your dentist about ways to reach a brighter smile. To find out more or to schedule your next appointment, give us a call at Pacific Hills Dental in Omaha, NE at (402)330-2243!