An Alignment Treatment That Gives You Freedom

Aligner Omaha, NEAn imbalanced smile can pose unnecessary problems. If you struggle with the placement of your teeth alongside your oral ridge, you could feel less confident in your abilities. This can keep you from fully expressing yourself at work or in your social life. Clear aligner treatment can help you to adjust your alignment without the need for bulky orthodontic procedures. Keep your improvement secret with these nearly invisible trays that gently shift your spacing and placement.

Pacific Hills Dental in Omaha, NE offers you an alignment solution to help both your appearance and your lasting health. Crowding of your teeth can create areas that are difficult for you to adequately clean. Clear aligners connect with more surface area than traditional orthodontic means. This approach then can help you achieve your goal with more comfort and speed. Discuss your options with your qualified dental health professional and start improving your smile!

Give Yourself The Tools You Need To Keep Your Mouth Safe

When your bite is out of balance, it can develop serious harms. This is referred to as malocclusion, and the condition can cause undue stress to specific areas of your mouth. Your jaw is intended to spread the stress of chewing among the teeth. If one or two of your teeth take all the contact, they can become stubby and worn.

Alignment can also pose problems to your ability to properly maintain your oral hygiene. Crowding develops areas that are difficult to clean. If your teeth overlap, it might prevent you from brushing and flossing the site. When plaque hardens into tartar, tooth decay can run rampant.

Improve Your Appearance Without The Fanfare

For the treatment of your alignment, clear aligners help in a slightly different fashion than traditional orthodontic procedures. These are slim trays that are nearly invisible, giving you the freedom to live your daily life without interruption.

You will wear your clear aligners throughout most of the day, removing them only to clean your teeth and to eat. Even when you sleep, you will continue your care. Take control of your life with alignment treatment using clear progressive trays that improve your look without showing your coworkers and loved ones.

A Quality Orthodontic Upgrade In Omaha, NE

Clear aligners can help you to reposition your teeth in order to reach your cosmetic dental goal. For more information or to schedule an appointment, reach Pacific Hills Dental in Omaha, NE at (402) 330-2243. This approach maximizes the surface area of your process, allowing for a speedy transition that can feel better than traditional orthodontics. You have the power to make a positive dental change. These work throughout the day to give you a gorgeous appearance!