The Link Between Your Halloween Treats And Tooth Decay

halloween cavities

If you eat more candy than usual, say, around Halloween time, this could lead to a higher risk of tooth decay, whether you’re a kid or a grownup. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy your Halloween fun! In today’s blog, your Omaha, NE, dentist will explain what you can do to avoid cavities and protect your smile.

Candy and Cavities

What makes candy such a danger for your smile? Well, candy contains a lot of sugar. When we consume it, especially, if the items are high in sticky and chewy ingredients like caramel or taffy, this could cause the particles to stick between the teeth or on them. Bacteria will then break down these trapped particles. In the process, bacteria then coat the teeth in plaque buildup. Plaque then hardens into tartar with time and is impossible to remove with brushing and flossing. The buildup also erodes the outer enamel, leaving sensitive inner tissue vulnerable to bacteria. Cavities then form, which mean tooth sensitivity, toothaches, and a higher risk of an infected tooth!

Healthy Halloween Tips

To help protect little smiles, let your children pick their favorite pieces from their haul, and then let them trade the rest into you for a toy or other prize. Limit how much they consume to one to two pieces just after dinner, and wash them down with water to help cleanse the smile. Be sure you and your kids also practice good oral hygiene! To help prevent serious plaque buildup in between cleaning visits, take time to brush when waking up and again before bed for about two minutes. A fluoride toothpaste is a must too! Flossing before bed is crucial to, as this reaches what a toothbrush alone cannot.

Stay Safe Out There!

If you’re heading out to trick or treat, then be sure everyone wears masks and practices good social distancing, staying at least six feet away for other groups. Try to attend outdoor events when possible. If you’re the one handing out treats, then opt for a sugar-free option, such as trail mix or nuts in sealed packages, or maybe temporary tattoos, stickers, or Halloween themed party favors.

Schedule a Cleaning Soon

You should also see us for a cleaning after Halloween! This visit allows us to remove all plaque and tartar and protect the smile from tooth decay in the process. If you have any questions about oral healthcare, then contact our team today.

We Want to Help Protect Your Smile

At Pacific Hills Dental, our team knows how to help prevent the onset of cavities and avoid complications like dental infections. To learn more about our preventive treatment options, contact our office at (402) 330-2243 to schedule an appointment with our Omaha, NE, dentist today.