Does Your Smile Need a Dental Checkup This Winter?

Does Your Smile Need a Checkup?You likely already know about the importance of regular dental care, including professional checkups and cleanings. That said, have you considered making an appointment for your next visit before the end of 2016? While the holiday season can be incredibly busy, in many cases it is actually a great time to schedule dental appointments, particularly for those patients with unused benefits, many of which expire at the end of each calendar year. So, while a dental visit may not have been at the top of your November or December to-do list initially, your smile and your wallet could potentially benefit from a checkup, cleaning or even a restorative appointment sometime in the next few weeks.

How Do You Know If You Have Unused Benefits?

Reviewing your medical and dental policies is one way to help determine if you have any unused dental benefits, which could be used to cover the cost of key preventive or restorative dental care. Of course, you could also speak with an insurance representative about your coverage, and any expiration dates tied to it.

However, your dental insurance isn’t the only policy that could help fund preventive or restorative care. If you or a spouse has a Health Savings Account, this money can also be used to help fund dental care.

Many dentists’ offices are able to accept a variety of insurance plans. Just keep in mind that the sooner you can schedule your dental visit, the more likely you are to squeeze an appointment in to 2016.